Integral Approximations

Simpsons Rule
Approximates definite integral using Simpsons rule.
Trapezoid Rule
Approximates definite integral by calculating area of trapezoids under a curve.
Riemann Sums
Approximates definite integral using Riemann Sums.
Equation Symbols
Symbol Returns Description
a + b a + b Addition
a - b a - b Subtraction
a * b a * b Multiplication
a / b a / b Division
a % b a % b Modulus
a ** b a ^ b Exponent
math.pow(a, b) a ^ b Exponent
math.sin(x) sin(x) Sine
math.cos(x) cos(x) Cosine
math.tan(x) tan(x) Tangent
math.log(x, base) log(x) Logarithm
math.sqrt(x) Square root of x Square Root
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